Taking Necessary Steps

Beginning Friday, June 9th, I will be stepping away from this blog, my writing blog, and social media as I recover from surgery. During my time away, I’m hoping to regain strength and energy lost during my 18 month battle with chronic pain resulting from a fall in January 2016. I’m also hoping to take... Continue Reading →

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Something New Added

For some time now, Puddletown Reviews Tweets and Twitters have gone through under my account, @Sherrey_Meyer. As of January 1, 2017, Puddletown has its own Twitter account: @PtownReviews. For a short while, posts will be forwarded to both accounts until we all get used to using the new Puddletown account. Thanks!

Closing Up Shop in December

Yes, I'm closing up shop during December. 2016 came in as usual last January, but it has been a long journey to healing from a fall I took at the end of January. A minor setback recently has required further treatment. I'm hoping by January 2017 to be free of the chronic pain I've experienced... Continue Reading →

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