Let’s Talk About Requests for Reviews

Effective May 17, 2017, Puddletown Reviews is not accepting requests for reviews at this time other than requests received from blog tour groups and others to whom permission has been given to send requests. Requests already accepted will be honored. This is in keeping with the Review Policy posted here.

This change in policy is due to personal circumstances related to the reviewer’s health and to publishing her memoir in the coming months. Most of you should know the work and time entailed in the latter.

During the interim, I wish all seeking reviews the best of luck and good sales.


  • Tracy Lee Karner

    Good for you! I hope you get all the time you need to finish your memoir. I’m looking forward to reading it!

    • http://www.sherreymeyer.com/ Sherrey Meyer

      Thanks, Tracy! I hope so too. I’ll have six weeks of recovery following a surgery not yet scheduled (insurance companies are not fast in their approvals). That should give me some time to wrap things up and get the manuscript sent out.